Simple Skills at the right time save lives.

Only a few countries have implemented First Aid training from a young age, with the result of 1000’s of lives saved every year. Now is your chance to help your community, school, family and friends by spreading these skills also. Jump on board, see what products suit you best here.


To consider why it is important to learn first aid.


  • – Self-identity
  • – Taking care of my body
  • – Growing and changing
  • – Safety and protection
  • – Making decisions

Myself and others

  • – Myself and my family
  • – My friends and other people
  • – Relating to others

Myself and the wider world

  • -Developing citizenship
  • -Media education


What does a First Aider do ?

-Preserve Life

-Prevent effetcs getting worse

-Promote recovery

What does a first aider use ?

A First aid kit

  • First aid leaflet
  • gloves
  • Plasters
  • Triangular bandages
  • Safety pins
  • Sterile(clean) Dressings
  • Alcohol-Free wipes

Guide To Talking To Your Kids About First Aid